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Imagining the World, Through the Lens of the Youth

The Youth's Lens was founded in 2018 with the mission of creating a platform for the youth, by the youth, of the youth. It was successful in its mission, and grew to a bustling organisation. Kavish Garg then took over leadership by 2021, with the vision of evolving The Youth's Lens to its next iteration: Imagining the World, through the Lens of the Youth. It sought to be more than a platform. It sought to incubate new ideas from diverse perspectives, with a focus on wide-ranging analysis, tackling everything from geopolitical mind-games to the newest of the technology fare. With this vision, The Youth's Lens evolved to where it is currently: an organisation challenging common notions with the energised words of the youth, and in the process, teaching high school students the foundations for robust, thoughtful journalism and analysis in various domains.

Our Core Values




We strive to ensure that we have something new to say, rather than repeating or regurgitating perspectives already covered by others.




We strive to ensure that what we say is on a broad spectrum, with diverse perspectives and a multitude of issues being discussed.




We strive to ensure that what we actively question the world around us, as well as what we ourselves say, in order to create thorough analysis.

Our Contributors

As a part of our mission to guarantee that the organisation stays youth-centric, we ensure that all contributors to The Youth's Lens, from its writing to its graphic design, are all high school students. This naturally ensures that we can embody the idea of variance, as every one to two years, the organisation effectively becomes a completely new one, with new contributors along with the novel ideas they bring with them. We have had more than 90 contributors as a result. 

Our current leadership consists of the following:

Kavish Garg: Chief Executive Officer & President 
Vansh Abrol: Chief Operating Officer

Akshat Tiwari: Editor-in-Chief

Varun Iyer: Director of Recruitment 

Yashika Garg: Director of Publicity 

Adit Bansal: Director of General Administration


Our Mentors

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