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Make Your Voice Heard

Writing & Reporting

Write on a variety of topics in different formats, from research-based investigation to light-hearted satire.


Tell stories through stunning photos via our social media channels


Expand TYL's reach in schools and other institutions, helping spread the goal of challenging societal notions further

Website Design

Enhance the power of our content on our website through design

Editing & Curation

Hone and refine the works of our writers, providing an alternative view in the process


Create enlightening videos which shed light on issues our generation cares about the most


Help ensure that TYL's talented team stays on track, while making its workflows more efficient

Website Maintenance

Ensure that TYL's work stays as accessible as ever, to all around the world

Graphic Design

Design captivating graphics which maintain TYL's social engagement


Help facilitate TYL's expansion by bringing on those with something to say

Social Engagement

Engage directly with our viewers, by managing our social media channels

Projects & Growth

Lead and re-imagine TYL in new directions, through podcasts, newsletters, or whatever you desire!

Submit Your Work

You don't have to be a TYL member to contribute to our initiative! We accept previously written works if they are up to our quality standards. Here are the eligibility criteria:

1) You must be a student enrolled in an accredited high school (or your country's equivalent), or otherwise be able to demonstrate that you are currently pursuing education commensurate to a high school
standard. We do accept submissions from gap year students, or otherwise those who are not enrolled in a university yet. 

2) You must be aged 18 or lower. 

3) Your work must be entirely original and self-written (i.e. group projects or works in collaboration with others do not count). 

4) Your work must not have been published in another online platform. Work published within a school platform or as a part of IGCSE/IB/AP work is exempt. 

You may send in your submissions to for consideration or further queries. 

Application Form

Choose the departments you are applying to:

By submitting, you agree to TYL's privacy policy

Thank you for applying. You may expect a response from us in a maximum of 5 business days.

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