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Controversial musicians (#4)

Music and controversy go hand in hand, when you reach that level of fame, you can go 2 ways, either you are a standup citizen, using their powers for good and just essentially staying out of trouble, like Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, Prince and many more, or you could be a person attracting unwanted attention, whether they deserve it or not. Musicians are humans after all, and they make mistakes, some make an awful lot more.

Michael Jackson: Arguably the most famous cultural icon to ever live, Michael Jackson's name was often praised to be one of music's most beloved voices, with those amazingly iconic dance moves, and the swagger and interest he brought to the stage. Nowadays, Michael Jackson is always met with controversy, when you think of Michael Jackson you think of the various allegations he has of sexually harassing children! While these allegations haven't been proven, its something that has made Michael Jackson a very controversial figure.

Eminem: The most famous rapper to ever live, with unimaginable heights of success, Eminem was known to be a rebel, and boy was he a good one. Known at that time as someone who didn't care one bit, has most of his musical topics aging horribly with the use of Slurs towards the members of the LGBTQ community, songs about sexual harassment and so many more crazy instances of song topics, this of course brought its fair share of lawsuits, infamously, 2 of them from his own mother and his childhood bully.

Mark Kozelek: The man I consider to be the greatest musical act of all time, Mark Kozelek has been accused of sexual harassment from many women, something that is not often a hoax, when you have 10s of women with the same accusations at you.

The purpose of this article is that, while we may love their music, sometimes it's better to separate the art from the artist, like JPEGMAFIA aptly put it, "All my heroes are cornballs"


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