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Mental Health in Music (#1)

Mental health is finally being given the importance it deserves, because as an issue, it has been rising constantly and is something so detached from the second person, there is little to nothing we can do to help the person going through any trouble. Music has always been art for artists to express themselves, and they are normal people like us, so of course their subject matter contain odes to their mental health issues, we have lost many great talents to the sames, whether it be overdose or suicide, the infamous 27/21(referencing the ages) clubs consisting of Kurt Cobain, Lil Peep and many more lost due to suicide. Music has detailed these issues for long enough to make an everlasting impact on the audience, Earl Sweatshirt's magnum opus, "Some Rap Songs" details how he coped with the loss of his father and grandparents while battling a crippling alcohol addiction is a prime example of the same. He says and I quote "Mask off, mask on we trick or treatin" referencing that firstly he can't trust anyone because of the "masks" they wear to hide their real intentions, and secondly, how he leads a double life up until this point where his music may not totally be in line with who he is, maybe it was because of this work, Earl is doing so much better now. Another example is pop star Demi Lovato's very publicised addiction and now rehab. She has referenced the same in many songs of hers but perhaps the most profound is "Sober" playing out as an apology letter to the people she let down due to her horrific ordeal, she has thankfully gotten much better and even performed recently. Many more songs and even full albums detail it, Logic's super hit "1800-273-8255" was a song talking about how he was suicidal for a long time before finding what made him happy and encouraged people to talk about their pains to someone, to not stay silent. Underground cloud trap/pop artist Bladee is also gaining traction for his oddball style but also his amazing songwriting, songwriting so vulnerable that it comes straight out of a person's mind and like a diary. In a way, musicians put themselves out in the open, they expose themselves, simply for their fans to know that everyone goes through these problems, that they are definitely not alone. Be vocal about your problems, there will be people who will hear you out, there will be people who will help you. To end this with an apt quote by Matt Haig; "Music doesn't get in. Music is already in. Music uncovers what is there, makes you feel emotions you didn't necessarily know you had inside you, and runs around waking them up."


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