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Technology's impact on Music [contd.](#6)

An undeniable positive effect the technology era has had on music is that it's easier to get recognition as an underground/indie artist. Take social media site Tik Tok for example, it gave us many classic lockdown songs- all of them coming from completely unknown artists, while many argue that these are industry plants, one thing is for sure, the amount of diversity in the charts has been brought by Tik Tok, so much so, that even the most popular rapper in the world, Drake, sold his soul and made a song who's whole purpose was to be a dancing trend. Compare this to the fact that in years past, jazz artists only got exposure from live performances, rock bands were lucky enough to start a wildfire, and the folk rock-alt rock bands that stayed underground TILL the technological era came around, are only getting recognised now because of platforms like Instagram, Rateyourmusic, musicboard and other apps. Simply said- it's easier to get a viral hit with Addison Rae dancing to your song, than it was performing at a bar with 15 people listening


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